Vehicle Tracking

Please note: Vehicles are assigned 24 hours prior to hire. Please contact our Operations team to request your coach ID. Call us on 01189 753 811.

Industry leading solutions

We have always led by example in our industry, setting the standard by evolving before the industry does.

Therefore, when the technology for live vehicle tracking became available it was an obvious choice for us.

Our entire fleet is equipped with hardware that will revolutionise the way the industry controls and monitors its fleet.

Strangely, the determining factor when opting for live vehicle tracking was not the ability to see where our vehicles are, rather to see how they are being driven. Among other criteria, we know whether a vehicle is idling, over accelerating, hard braking, harsh cornering or speeding.

Using ‘Route Replay’ we can view all the data listed above for any vehicle for any journey undertaken in the past. This data is kept indefinitely and can never be overwritten.

The system operates using GPRS technology. The system’s time clock is set by the orbiting satellites that deliver our GPRS. For that reason, the timed reports we produce are so accurate they are admissible as evidence in any court of law.

The detailed reports generated by the system are frighteningly accurate. They allow us to target specific areas for improvement from better customer service to better fuel consumption. They also assist us to implement cost saving strategies which enable us to maintain our ability to provide a quality of service and safety unequalled elsewhere at affordable prices.

To be able to track your vehicle via a desktop, tablet or smart phone (Including slim-line App version) is a useful by-product of a core system which offers a superb standalone solution to monitoring a large fleet.

We have since opened this technology to visitors to our website, see the above map.