Vehicle Maintenance

For the past 40 years we have been conducting outside engineering & body work on coaches, buses, fire engines and other types of commercial vehicle. The works are conducted in our own 8,000 sq. ft, purpose-built engineering warehouse comprising of several engineering bays, a paint & body shop, offices and staff rest facilities.

In addition, we conduct our own fleet’s engineering work, body work and safety inspections ‘in house’ using the same facility.

The main reason for conducting our engineering ‘in house’ is to ensure that our high levels of safety are being achieved and our strict internal safety policies are being met, rather than just complying with the industry’s minimum safety requirements.

We employ 10 mechanics and an engineering manager whose vast knowledge, experience and skill help us maintain our fleet to a safety standard that surpasses the industry minimum level, working on a 4 weekly service rotation for every vehicle in our fleet. In addition to 4 weekly servicing, every mobilised vehicle in our fleet undergoes a safety check every day, often twice a day.


In recent years we have moved from the B12B engine to the B8R engine. The B8R engine is still able to generate the power required but boasts one of the cleanest engines on the market today with Euro 6 compliance. In addition, they average better fuel consumption which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

vehicle maintenance
vehicle maintenance
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