The Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR)

At Horseman Coaches, we recognise that some health conditions or disability are not entirely visible. If you let us know your requirements, we will aim to help wherever we can.

We have just taken ownership many wheelchair accessible coaches. Each of these coaches has space to carry one wheelchair on board with the customer staying in the wheelchair throughout their journey.

Travel with Wheelchairs
Wheelchair access to our coaches is via a lift which is located to the rear of the coach. Our wheelchair accessible coaches have an extra-large entrance to the rear and a flat floor to aid mobility.

For customers who can transfer from their wheelchair to the coach seat, wheelchairs are accepted subject to them being safely stored in the underneath luggage hold of the coach. We are sorry, but we are unable to accept wheelchairs heavier than 20kg in weight unless we have assistance lifting the wheelchair at each end of the journey.

Please note:

  • Our current wheelchair-accessible coaches only have one wheelchair space, which means we cannot guarantee the space will always be available. So please call before you book your travel. Our dedicated Private Hire Team will arrange your quote through to booking and make everyone involved aware of your requirements.
  • Whilst many wheelchair users can travel and remain seated in their wheelchair. Please be aware that for important Health and Safety reasons, we cannot carry all wheelchairs in this way. We must therefore assess all wheelchairs for compatibility for carriage. Our Private Hire Team will assist with this by asking you some specific questions about the wheelchair dimensions, type (manual or powered) and weight. Or, if necessary, whether the wheelchair can be folded flat or dismantled into component parts.
  • Whilst these coaches are wheelchair accessible, they do not have toilets.

We can accept wheelchairs for travel on our accessible coaches provided that:

  • The wheelchair space has not already been booked. As wheelchair space on the coach is limited, we recommend that you notify our Private Hire Team of your requirements as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
  • When notifying us, we ask that you give us the details of the size, make and model of the wheelchair that will be used so we can make the necessary checks. These checks relate specifically to whether the chair can be secured in the wheelchair space. Due to the enormous range of wheelchairs, we will need to approve the compatibility of the wheelchair before travel. A typical standard wheelchair has a length of 42″/106.7 cm, an overall height of 36″/91.4 cm, seat heights around 19.5″/49.5 cm, and a width of 25″/63.5 cm. The maximum allowed space within the coach, including the points for secure fastening is width 90cm/35″, length 130cm/51″, height 165cm/64″
  • For Health and Safety reasons, we are unable to carry passengers on mobility scooters in the wheelchair accessible space.

Whilst customers cannot travel in their mobility scooters. We do accept small lightweight (class 1) mobility scooters for storage and carriage in the luggage compartment underneath the coach. This is subject to the following conditions:

  • When notifying us, you will need to advise us of the size, make and model of the scooter that you will be travelling with on the day. This is so we can check with the manufacturer and ensure that it is suitable for carriage on the coach.
  • We will notify you by calling you back regarding the suitability.
  • The mobility scooter must break down into separate parts. Each part weighing no more than 20kgs.
  • Mobility scooters must be operated by sealed dry-cell or gel-type batteries that are secure upright.
  • Due to the different duties which our drivers carry out, we ask that a companion accompanies you on the journey who can assist with the dismantling and re-assembly of the scooter.

Our Commitment to You – What We Cannot Do

  • Our staff are not permitted to assist you with eating or with personal hygiene.
  • Health and Safety considerations mean that our driver cannot lift or carry you in any way (either on or off the coach) or take any action that might put his/her or your safety and welfare at risk.
  • We cannot provide any medical service such as giving injections or medication. If you have a medical condition which requires others to provide this type of care, please make sure you always travel with a companion who can assist with this throughout the journey.
  • Our Drivers are unable to dismantle and re-assemble mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs that cannot be secured in the coach wheelchair space.
  • If you are unable to identify the make and model of your wheelchair to confirm its suitability for safe and secure travel inside the coach, we will unfortunately not be able to authorise you to travel seated in your wheelchair. However, we will happily take it in the luggage compartment if you are able to transfer to a coach seat without being lifted. Your wheelchair would need to meet the conditions for stowing in the coach luggage compartment.

If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our Private Hire Team on 0118 9753 811 who will be only too happy to help.