Audio Policy

The playing of radios, CD’s and DVD’s in our coaches has been something of a thorny issue for many years.

Drivers are often asked to turn the radio off when another passenger has asked for it to be turned on. “Turn up the volume!” – “Turn the volume down!” – “Change the station!” and so on.

Our drivers are trying to keep everyone happy but really it is an impossible task. As a company we receive complaints that dvd films requested by one passenger has offended others. On some occasions this has led to arguments breaking out on the coaches between passengers.

These complaints are becoming slightly less frequent due to the use of mobile phones, tablet devices and laptops. These devices mean that individual passengers can play or watch (within reason) what they choose and at whatever volume they prefer as long as they use personal headphones.

In order to reduce recurring incidents further we have decided to disable the playing of radio’s, CD’s and DVD’s on the majority of our coaches. Up to 5 coaches will remain enabled to play radio and dvd, so if it is essential for your group to have this facility, please make it clear when making your booking.

We really are very sorry if this causes inconvenience but we do feel that our decision is being made for the greater good.