Following a number of questions about driver/passenger safety, please find attached an official letter from Public Health England confirming that Horseman Coaches poses no risk to public health and that no further special measures are required of the Drivers or Coaches. Please join me in thanking our drivers for being part of the solution and safely helping repatriate 83 Britons.


On Thursday afternoon, Horseman Coaches helped successfully repatriate 83 Britons from RAF Brize Norton. Due to a number of misleading media reports surrounding the safety of our drivers and passengers, we wish to make clear:

  • Horseman Coaches had provided PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) equipment for all drivers involved in the successful repatriation of 83 Britons.
  • Military personnel medics and government officials told our drivers that PPE equipment was not necessary due to the precautions already taken by the Department for Health and Public Health England.
  • Government officials confirmed that drivers wearing PPE equipment while driving posed a greater risk to the safety of passengers. This was a governmental decision based on a risk assessment conducted by the Department for Health and Public Health England.
  • The photographed individual wearing a PPE suit was in direct contact with each of the 83 Britons, hence the need to wear protective clothing
  • The individuals repatriated have not had direct contact with any Drivers and officials from PHE have been present to supervise and manage the situation at all times.
  • PHE has confirmed all drivers may return to work immediately, however Horseman Coaches has asked all drivers to remain at home on full pay and benefits for the next 10 working days under quarantine conditions as an additional precautionary measure.

We wish to reassure our customers that every recommendation made by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Public Health England has been correctly followed and implemented.

The 5 coaches used, out of 62 in our fleet, will remain locked in a secure facility for a minimum of 10 working days after a military-grade cleansing process has been completed as an additional precautionary measure. PHE (Public Health England) has confirmed that there will be no risk to any future passengers.

James Horseman, Company Director.


Simon Corbett
Jargon PR:
T: 0044 7974 093 994